Live And Don’t Just Exist

No matter the duration of the tempest, no matter the magnitude of the test, life’s sweeter when we see all of it’s fury and still smile and say to ourselves that it’s still gonna be alright.

For life’s challenges are always meant to bring a change in our lives, it’s either makes us better or bitter, weaker or stronger but no matter how much we get hurt, the final feelings are all based on our understandings and perceptions, in the sense that we can choose to learn from the pains and transform it to our gain or we just fall prey to depression, trauma and melancholy.

I had a difficult past, it could have been a parasite feeding on my present but instead of it making me feel bitter, it instead makes me feel better, because it galvanizes me and reminds me of how strong I am to have gone through all of that and still be good today.

I learnt to accept life the way it comes and change the things I can, for the others that I can’t, I learn to adjust myself so as to fit in, but that doesn’t me that I compromise on my beliefs. Life’s sweeter when we acknowledge our troubles and weakness and still smile even when there isn’t a reason. Smile until life smiles back at you. Live and don’t just exist, make sure you do something that you would be remembered of even after you are long gone.

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